Why go to a travel conference?

Why go to a women’s travel conference?

I’ve been asked these questions, and more, when I tell people I’m heading to a conference. Or that I just got back from a conference. Why? They ask. What is it about these conferences that is so great that you plan your travels around them? Well, they are in some pretty great places! TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) Europe 2014 was in Athens, Greece. WITS (Women in Travel Summit) 2015 was in Boston, MA. Lloret de Mar, Spain is where TBEX Europe 2015 will be held. Why NOT use these conferences as an excuse to explore new places? Don’t forget all the great perks you get when attending. From organized tours to amazing food, truly outstanding experiences!

Why go to a travel conference? - Adrian's Travel Tales
Organized tour in Athens
Why go to a travel conference? - Adrian's Travel Tales
Amazing salad at conference in Boston

Diving deeper than that, these conferences are a great place to learn more about blogging. They bring together hundreds of people that are in the same place as you. These people love travel. Travel is in their soul and they get the same light in their eye when they talk about a favorite destination or bucket list item.

Cambodian Photo Essay - Adrian's Travel Tales
Bucket list – Cambodian Trek

When you attend, you get the encouragement and confidence to continue on your journey towards becoming a full time blogger. Or maybe, your journey’s goal is to add more meaningful travel to your life. Or is it to touch ground on all the continents of the world? No matter what your journey is, you’ll find the people who will inspire you to attain your goal. Unless it’s kicking puppies or something. We aren’t into that!

It almost sounds like I’m describing a cult here but I would say it’s more like a family. The people you meet are the very few who understand the drive you have to explore the world. They won’t tell you that you are crazy for wanting to see all 7 continents before you turn 30. They’ll ask to come along when you plan your epic trip on the Trans Siberian Railway through Mongolia, China and Russia. They will give you tips on how to find the best home stay host in rural Namibia.

But you can’t always trust me. Check out this video I made of the attendees of the last travel conference I went to. For some crazy reason, they picked me to speak about communication across cultures. I think I danced my way through the 45 minutes allotted to me but … eh! That’s my life. People were laughing so at least they were entertained. This isn’t a video of that though, I wouldn’t subject you to 45 minutes of me demonstrating crazy things such as the Asian squat, the lack of personal distance Spaniards have or being felt up by old Cambodian women.

These women answer some of the questions you may have about going to a conference.

What did you think about the video? What helps inspire you to achieve your dreams?


  1. YAY! Thank you so much for including me. 🙂 Not sure what’s going on with that crazy eyebrow of mine, or if I made all that much sense… but it was a truly memorable weekend, filled with tons of knowledge, excitement, and, to quote ME, “… long lasting relationships.” 🙂
    Shannon recently posted…Super Awesome Guide to Long Term TravelMy Profile

    • You are welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 It is very nice to see the impact it has had. Makes me happy to be a part of it!

  2. I have not had chance to attend a conference yet, but totally looking forward to it. I think TBEX is holding one in Bangkok later this year.

    The community is getting stronger..may the schwartz be with you! haha
    Yok recently posted…เบื้อง(แผ่น)หลังของ ลูกหาบ กับการท่องเที่ยวที่ง่ายขึ้นMy Profile

  3. I am still debating the idea of going to one of the travel conferences. Somehow, I was never able to fit them into my travel plans. Literally, every time finding myself at the opposite side of the world (or at least such a considerable amount of miles away that making a trip just for attend the conference sounds too crazy).
    Elena recently posted…Montevideo OffbeatMy Profile


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