Where have you BEEN?

Well, great flipping question. I’ve been asked by a few people when I’m going to put out my next actual blog and I’d been ‘delayed’ for about…. hmmmm….. 9 months now? Why is that? Well, life got crazy. Real life got crazy. What is real life? Well, I used to think it was work and family. Then I started traveling and real life was travel. Now I’m back in the Seattle area and it’s a hybrid between the two. I’ve been trying to figure out what life looks like now that I’m not a nomad and it’s been a struggle, to be honest. It’s a great struggle, between traveling and being home, and I’m excited to find a balance between the two.

This post serves as my commitment to you (my readers and Mom) that I’m going to jumpstart my blogging again. I’ve got a plethora of content that needs to be shared (3 months in Europe, graduating with my MBA, Oregon Coast, Arizona adventures, Vegas weddings, Mexico weekends and much, MUCH more) and now is the time to get it going. Beware, if you see a rush of posts over the next few weeks, that is why.

I’m slightly impatient (for those who don’t know me personally) so I’ve put a few of my favorite photos from the past few adventures below to wet your appetite. Please let me know if there are any pictures that you want to know more about.


Adrian Ann


  1. Adrian! I am now back in the Seattle area as well (I think the last time you were here, I was still living in Texas?!) and I would love love LOVE to catch up. Let’s grab coffee/drinks soon?


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