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Kayak – Great place to start your flight search, especially if they are US-based flights.
Vayama – Almost always has the cheapest price, especially for international flights.
Cheap O Air – Will occasionally have the best deals around, always worth a quick check.
Skyscanner – Has a great “Everywhere” function so you can search all airports for the cheapest destinations. A good idea if you’re not sure where you want to go.


Agoda – One of my all-time favorite websites for finding good deals. I always start off with Agoda when looking for a place to stay, especially in Asia.
Couch Surfing – A great alternative to dorm living and a good way to meet locals.


Cruise Sheet – Great last-minute cruise information with destinations all over the world.


World Nomads – While you may not think you need it, you do! Here is a great article on how to buy good travel insurance from NomadicMatt.


Dave’s ESL Cafe – Very useful website that has a plethora of English Teaching positions all over the world.
Language Corps TESOL Program – I personally used this company to obtain my TESOL in Cambodia, they have locations all over the world.
WorkAway – A good volunteer for room and food website that has hosts all over the world that require help doing anything from baby sitting to working in a hostel to construction to whatever someone can come up with.

Travel Gear

The Luggage List – If you want to get practical information about luggage and how it performs, these guys are the best!