What the Amok are You Talking About? Cambodian Amok Recipe

What is Amok? Well, it looks… kind of… nasty. Let’s be honest. Amok looks like a cross between baby poo and masticated spit remnants from a cow. However, it tastes and smells heavenly. Why, you might also be asking, am I sharing photos of a dish that some people are afraid …

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The Dragons of Ljubljana

Dragons of Ljubljana - Adrian's Travel Tales

Sitting high above the town of Ljubljana (another city name I couldn’t pronounce), there lies a giant castle full of dragons. I didn’t realize, when I started out on my journey, that I’d be visiting cities teaming with dragons. Well….. not real dragons but protective dragons none the less. The Dragons of …

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Always Say ‘Yes!’ When Traveling

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Windy road after windy road. Bus packed full of other travel bloggers, baggage, cameras and a plethora of free booze, gifts and lots of informational paperwork from the dozens of places we’ve visited already. Hot. Exhausted. Ready to sleep. And then the nausea …

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Kop…Kopri…Ka..Something Something Something

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

Oh foreign languages. My nemesis…. I have been told by a Beijing native that I have no accent when I practice my infant level knowledge of Chinese I learned in Taipei (WHAT?! How is that possible?). I get encouraging looks when I mutter my away around the Khmer language. Both …

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Dear Sicily: Thank You for the 10 Pounds

Sicilian Food

Dear Sicily, I had lovely visit during the month of September, you kept me entertained with beautiful beaches, wonderful mountaintop castles, hilarious local Sicilian antics and most importantly food. During my visit, you were gracious enough to give me 10 pounds (4kg) which is now happily ensconced on my body. I …

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Guest Post: Twelve Foods that Define the Bengali

Indian Food www.adrianstraveltales.com

Of all the things that define the Bengali bhodrolok (gentleman) and bhodromohila (lady), among the foremost, is their love for food. So, if you’re visiting Kolkata, or any other part of India’s West Bengal state, of which Kolkata is the capital, do not miss trying out the awesome food available …

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