50 Years Building a Recycled Cathedral

So I’ve talked about a monk spending 40 years in a cave. Now we get to discuss a former monk building a cathedral. For 50 years. From recycled materials. On his own. With no plans. Uhhh… what?! Recycled Cathedral Time A 15 minute bus ride from the outskirts of Madrid …

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Boston Gave Me…..a…..Giveaway!

Boston Giveaway - Adrian's Travel Tales

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it! I’ve gotten myself into a situation where I need some help!   I have been 2 free tour passes with On Location Tours and I need to give them away…. Bet that’s not where you thought I was going with that. You thought …

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Why Go to a Travel Conference?

Why go to a travel conference? Why go to a women’s travel conference? I’ve been asked these questions, and more, when I tell people I’m heading to a conference. Or that I just got back from a conference. Why? They ask. What is it about these conferences that is so …

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