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This isΒ a website to encourage you to get out and explore the world. Whether it’s around your own neighborhood, around the city, across the country or around the world. It’s a big world out there and I want you to explore it, in whatever way you can.

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Say goodbye

-Just one tarantula please...-

Sicilian Food

September Wrapup



  1. Hey world traveler, its fun watching you living your life!!! Who would of though a lil girl from Eatonville would be living this crazy, wonderful life!!! Gods blessing be with you honey!!!

    • Hey Scherill! My mom and I were talking about you the other day, I really appreciate your support. I know, it’s definitely interesting to see where I’ve been, but Eatonville will always be my home. I’ll come by to say Hi when I’m there in June. Thanks!!! <3

  2. Interesting Bio! im gonna check out the rest

  3. Great bio, it is nice to read you….! πŸ™‚

  4. We need to join solo traveller forces! Keep on keeping on girl, looking forward to reading your posts!

  5. Just discovered this blog. Love it! πŸ™‚

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