Where have you been?

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Where have you BEEN? Well, great flipping question. I’ve been asked by a few people when I’m going to put out my next actual blog and I’d been ‘delayed’ for about…. hmmmm….. 9 months now? Why is that? Well, life got crazy. Real life got crazy. What is real life? …

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Arizona: A Photo Essay

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Arizona – The Grand Canyon State While I could take the time to explain all of these beautiful photos, I’m not going to. Sometimes it’s my goal to simply bring you along in the journey of life. My time exploring the Arizona landscape was unforgettable and I can’t wait to get …

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Uncommon Travel Mistakes… OR… Adrian’s Travel Failures, Part 1

During my month of ‘fast travel’ in November, I had a few moments that I literally smacked my own head because of how stupid I was…. So of course I have to share these entertaining situations with everyone in the  hopes that they’ll learn from my epic fails…or at least …

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