Liebster Award - Adrian's Travel Tales
Liebster Award - Adrian's Travel TalesWell, I found out that a “Liebster” is an award, not an STD (Thank Goodness….). And I was given one. So I’m going to give a shout out to Michael and Shannon of Camera & Carry On for the nomination.
What is a Libster Award? It’s a virtual award given to bloggers by bloggers. Accompanying the award is a few questions that you have to answer from those that nominated you and the requirement that you forward the award on to unsuspecting worthy bloggers.

The rules are similar to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator
  2. Create new questions for those you are going to nominate
  3. Pass it on and see what happens!
If you didn’t catch it from my interview with Camera & Carry On, they are a special couple, whom I LOVE but also are a bit quirky, as seen in the awesomely random questions they have asked me.
Liebster Award - Adrian's Travel Tales
Michael & Shannon in Chiang Mai
Here’s what I’ve got for you…

If your plane crashed in the middle of nowhere and your only way to survive is to (A) have a pack of apes accept you as there own, (B) live high up in the trees completely alone forever, or (C) get rescued but only after succumbing to cannibalism… What would you do and why?
Hmm… I’d have to go with Option A. I’d love to live with apes, they seem pretty damn civilized. Especially when compared to cannibalism.

What is your absolute favorite place to go for a short visit, say 4 days?
Favorite place to visit for a short amount of time. I’ll go with Rabbit Island in Cambodia. I used to go there every month when I was living in the country. It was a great island paradise/weekend getaway spot you could spend just a few hours in or a whole week.

Liebster Award - Adrian's Travel Tales

Describe the worst thing you’ve ever eaten in a foreign country.
Stinky Tofu. Without a doubt the NASTIEST thing that has ever been concocted. I’ve had intestine, tarantulas, all manner of bugs and other random things. But this intentionally prepared tofu dish reminds me of a mix between stinky feet and old man diaper smell. The Taiwanese are the culprits behind this foul smelling/tasting dish. If you’re a local, you’ll love it. If not, you’ll be able to smell it from blocks away. BLEH!

Liebster Award - Adrian's Travel Tales
Photo Credit: Kimberly Vardeman


You’re going on a one month long trip, but you can only bring a laptop, camera, iPod, or cellphone (but an old one that can only do talk and text, ‘cuz no cheating), what would you bring?

I’d say camera. I would still be able to access the internet on communal computers I’d find around but I wouldn’t be able to document it without my camera. I honestly don’t have the best memory so photographic evidence is what I need to remind me of what I did.

Where are you most afraid to travel to?
Honestly, that’s a hard one. I’d have to say Syria since they’ve got a lot of issues right now but I’m pretty open to most other places. North Korea is pretty high on my list, as are many of the Middle Eastern countries.

What’s your favorite mode of transportation?
Motobike! I just LOVE zipping around on a moto. I rented many while I was living in Southeast Asia and I fell in love with them. I recently went skydiving and that seemed a convenient way to get from point A (the plane) to point B (the ground). But I’m not sure that counts as a mode of transportation….. right?Liebster Award - Adrian's Travel Tales

Describe your travel philosophy; jet setter, backpacker, city buzz, the middle of nowhere, etc.
Hmm….. A foodie, backpacking solo adventuress who loves being in the middle of nowhere  while seeking culture and history. Does that answer your question?

You blog. You travel. You blog about travel. What else might we find you doing?
Uh…. Eating. Dancing. Skydiving. Knitting. Wearing Costumes. Getting my Masters Degree. Cooking. Reading trashy romance novels. Attending Star Trek conventions. You know, the usual.

If no one ever read your blog, would you still do it?

I’m not sure people read my blog… currently…. so yes. Ha! But seriously, absolutely. It’s been the best way I’ve found for me to document my own travels, especially since I have the memory of a goldfish.

Now I get to nominate my favorite blogs!

Natasha from The Boho Chica
Emily from The Emily Luxton Travel Blog
Coach Deb from Coach Deb’s Adventures

And here are the questions you must answer…. Muahahaha!

What was your childhood dream career?
If you could pick only one more country to travel to, what would it be?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Which country has the most beautiful looking people, as a whole?
As a blogger, what keeps you motivated to keep going? 
What is the most dreaded travel topic you’d never want to blog about?
What is one thing most of your readers don’t know about you?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you right now. What about you? Any questions you wish I would answer? Leave a comment or email me at


  1. This is fantastic! “…Wearing Costumes. Getting my Masters Degree. Cooking. Reading trashy romance novels. Attending Star Trek conventions. You know, the usual.” HAHA!!!! Love it. And you! 🙂

    And your questions to new liebster-ers are priceless!

    • Ha! I’m glad you thought it was hilarious. I loved your questions too, they made me think outside the box as well! 😀

  2. Me and my friend just started a food and travel blog and we have seen this award some up a lot in some of the facebook groups we are in. Thanks to you I now understand the full meaning! Thanks!

    ps.. you skydive? that’s crazy!


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